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Helping your Community:

Members of Apex work together to serve their community’s greatest needs by promoting service, fellowship and community spirit. Apex Clubs work in their local town or suburb, but through the strength of the National Association of Apex Clubs, also work together to tackle larger community or social problems.

Develop Personally:
Besides the pride and satisfaction of helping others, you will experience other personal benefits. You may become a better leader, or more of a team player. You’ll find yourself becoming more relaxed in dealing with groups, your presentatior skills will improve and you’ll become a better public speaker. You’ll also get the chance to network with people from a wide variety of businesses and backgrounds.

Life-long friendships :
Friendships that last a lifetime are cemented through the fun and banter that accompanies the toil. Friendships that come from mixing with fellow members from all walks of life, and from being part of a youthful and spirited group.

Having a whole lot of fun :
Apex dates back 80 years, but there’s nothing old fashioned about the fortnightly meetings. They are mostly lively and interesting. The work in the community and fundraising events are both rewarding and entertaining.

For Young People:
Apex is all the more unique because of its youthful membership base, ensuring a youthful outlook and membership concerned with youth issues.

STRUCTURE CLUBS : There are some 82 Chartered Clubs across Bangladesh, and 5 clubs undergoing the Chartering. Clubs are governed by their Club Board, headed by the Club President. DISTRICTS : Clubs are grouped together into local geographic regions called Districts. There are 9 Districts across Bangladesh. Districts are overseen by an elected District Governor, and a District Board made up of its Club Presidents.

ASSOCIATION : The National Association is the collection of all Apex Districts, Clubs and their members across Bangladesh. The Association is governed by the National President, National Vice president, Immediate past National President, five Elected National Board Members, Nine District Governors, the National Secretary, the National treasurer & other National Officials.

CONVENTIONS : Each District, and the Association has an annual convention, which is that body’s chief decision making process. The Conventions are also chances for great fellowship and exchange of ideas and experiences amongst Apexians from a wide variety of Clubs and backgrounds.